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Florida Highwaymen Tallahassee Art Show October 9th

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Tallahassee Highwaymen Art Show October 2011The Tallahassee Florida Highwaymen Art Show is October 9th from 12noon to 6pm inside the Tallahassee Mall. Everyone is encouraged to come out to this public event to enjoy the art and meet the artists themselves.The Florida Highwaymen are considered the "Last Great Art Movement of The 20th Century" and their history & story is instrumental to Florida's art community.

The following Florida Highwaymen Artists will be in Tallahassee on October 9th: Carnell Smith, Al Black, Roy McClendon, Mary Ann Carroll, Charles Walker, Isaac Knight, James Gibson & Robert Butler

About the Florida Highwaymen Art Movement:

It’s the mid 1950’s and Albert Backus, a prominent Florida artist, takes an unknown African-American, Alfred Hair under his wing to teach a unique style of painting in bright vivid colors, a style which would come to define Florida landscape art the next half century.

Hair went on to recruit 25 friends, teaching them as Backus had taught him. This group of 26 African Americans were able to establish themselves against many odds, including racial and cultural barriers of the time - forming the group which came to be known as “The Florida Highwaymen”. A name derived selling their paintings up and down the Highways and door-to-door of businesses.

Although, Hair died tragically in 1970, The Highwaymen art movement he created lives on to this day. In fact, all 26 of the Original Highwaymen are listed artists and in 2004 were inducted in to the Florida Artist Hall of Fame. Today, Highwaymen art may be found hanging in many places, including private collections, museums, exhibits and Florida’s Capital. The Highwaymen are considered “The Last Great American Art Movement of the 20th Century”.

For information call Manor Auctions: 850-523-3787

Sponsored by Manor Auctions & Grace Estate Buyers

Oil & Watercolor Paintings by Internationally Acclaimed Local Artists Michael J. Harrell & Dean Mitchell

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Manor Auctions will sell oil & watercolor paintings by artists Michael J. Harrell & Dean Mitchell in the October 9th Fine Art Auction. Harrell and Mitchell are local Tallahassee area artists who have established themselves as prominent landscape & still life artists in the international art community. This is no small feat for an artist, as many spend their entire life trying to achieve such prominence and respect. Both Harrell and Dean paint with acute attention to detail, creating paintings, which from a distance, can easily be mistaken for a photograph. They have each received numerous awards and accolades over the course of their career. Their works can be found in galleries and exhibits throughout the country as well as in many private collections. Manor Auctions is pleased to offer 4 oil paintings and 2 watercolor paintings by Michael J. Harrell and 1 watercolor painting by Dean Mitchell in the October 9th Fine Art Auction.

About Michael J. Harrell (American, 1964 - )

Born in Tallahassee, FL, Harrell rarely travels far from the water. A native to the Florida Panhandle, Harrell can be found\"dean traveling the eastern coast of the Unties States, from Maine to the Bahamas. The coast and its many scenes is most often the subject of Harrell\'s paintings, but he also is known to paint sporting scenes, such as hunts.

Harrell earned a B.F.A. from the University of Georgia with a degree in graphic design. He then went on to complete hundreds of watercolor illustrations for corporate clients before pursuing fine art full-time in the early nineties.

Harrell is a self-taught painter and his work has been the subject of articles in national art publications such as \"American Artist\" ( Winter 2000), Watercolor Magazine\" (Winter 2000), \"Artist Sketchbook\" (Fall 2001) and \"The Artist\'s Magazine\" (June 2002 & January 2005). In 2005, Mitchell was listed among the \"Top 20 Artists To Watch\" in \"The Artist\'s magazine\".

Watch a video about Harrell from WFSU-TV

Visit Michael J. Harrell\'s official website

Harrell\'s work can be found in galleries throughout the country, including:

  • The Maritime Gallery at Mystic Seaport - Mystic, CT
  • Stellers Gallery - Ponte Vedra, FL
  • The Weatherburn Gallery - Naples, FL
  • Morris & Whiteside Galleries - Hilton Head, SC
  • The Gallery at Four India - Nantucket, MA
  • Greenwich Workshop Gallery - Seymour, CT
  • The Sportsman\'s Gallery, Atlanta, GA
  • Settlers West Galleries, Tucson, AZ
  • The Sylvan Gallery - Charleston, SC

About Dean Mitchell (American, 1957 - )

Born in Pittsburgh, PA, Mitchell relocated to Florida as a boy and was raised in Quincy, FL.Mitchell is well known for his figurative works, landscapes and still lifes. In addition to watercolors, he is accomplished in other mediums, including egg temperas, oils and pastels.

Mitchell is a graduate of the Columbus College of Art & Design in Columbus, Ohio.

Mitchell has been featured in numerous art & media publications, including the New York Times, Christian Science Monitor, American Artist, Artist Magazine, Fine Art International and Art News.

Mitchell\'s art can be found in corporate and museum collections across the country, including: Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art, Kansas City, Missouri; Mississippi Museum of Art, Jackson, Mississippi; Saint Louis Art Museum, Saint Louis, Missouri; Kemper Museum of Contemporary Art, Kansas City, Missouri; Nerman Museum of Contemporary Art, Kansas City, Missouri; Beach Museum of Art, Manhattan, Kansas; The Autry National Center, Los Angeles; The Arkansas Art Center, Little Rock, Arkansas; Gadsden Art Center Quincy, Florida; Canton Museum of Art, Canton, Ohio and the Library of Congress.

Visit Dean Mitchell\'s official website

Mitchell\'s work can be found in galleries throughout the country, including:

  • Hearne Fine Art - Little Rock, AR
  • Astoria Fine Art - Jackson, WY
  • E & S Gallery - Louisville, KY
  • J. Willott Gallery - Palm Desert, CA
  • Morris & Whiteside Galleries - Hilton Head, SC
  • Nunnery\'s at gallery 119 - Jackson, MS

Paintings by Harrell and Mitchell are also well known to art auctions, with both artists having had many pieces sold through auction over the years.

Bidding & Auction Information:

Visit the October 9th auction page for details. Bidders are able to participate via live auction floor, telephone, Internet or absentee. Those having questions about the pieces or the auction, should call 850-523-3787 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Online Auction Catalog To Preview: Michael Harrell Paintings  |  Dean Mitchell Painting

The following paintings will be offered in the October 9th Fine Art Auction:

18061a DEAN MITCHELL WATERCOLOR PAINTING - EAST POINT Dean Mitchell (American, 1957 - ), Painting - Watercolor, East Point, Signed lower right, Professionally framed and matted in a matte finish aluminum frame. Size: 3 1/4X5 3/4\", Framed 11 1/2X13 1/2\" Condition: VGC
18094a MICHAEL HARRELL OIL PAINTING - PAIR OF SNOW GEESE Michael J. Harrell (American, 1964 - ), Painting - Oil on canvas, Pair of Snow Geese, Signed upper right, Professionally framed in a gold color wood frame. Size: 10X12\", Framed 15 1/4X17 1/4\" Condition: VGC
18094b MICHAEL HARRELL OIL PAINTING - QUAIL WAGON Michael J. Harrell (American, 1964 - ), Painting - Oil on canvas, Plantation Quail Wagon in Thomasville (GA), Signed lower right, Framed in a professionally restored antique gold color wood frame. Size: 12x16\", Framed 18X22\" Condition: VGC
18094c MICHAEL HARRELL OIL PAINTING - NANTUCKET COTTAGE Michael J. Harrell (American, 1964 - ), Painting - Oil on canvas, Coastal Nantucket Cottage (Madaket, Nantucket MA), Signed lower left, Professionally framed within a gold color wood frame. Size: 9x12\", Framed 11X15 1/2\" Condition: VGC
18094d MICHAEL HARRELL OIL PAINTING - DRIFTWOOD ON SHORE Michael J. Harrell (American, 1964 - ), Painting - Oil on canvas, Driftwood Along the Shore, Signed lower left, Professionally framed within a gold color wood frame. Size: 8x12\", Framed 11X15\" Condition: VGC
18094e MICHAEL HARRELL WATERCOLOR - COLORADO STREAM Michael J. Harrell (American, 1964 - ), Painting - watercolor, Rocky Colorado Stream with Evergreen Trees, Signed lower right, Professionally framed within a beaded dark wood frame. Size: 16 1/4x12 1/4\", Framed 24X20 1/2\" Condition: VGC
18094f MICHAEL HARRELL WATERCOLOR - BATEAU AT LOW TIDE Michael J. Harrell (American, 1964 - ), Painting - watercolor, Bateau at Low Tide, Signed lower left, Professionally framed within an ornate gold color wood frame. Size: 11x14 1/2\", Framed 22X25 1/2\" Condition: VGC

Antique Chinese Seals & Carved Stones Remain Popular Among Collectors

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Chinese Tianhuang Stone Dragon SealManor Auctions will sell a nice collection of Chinese seals, carved stone and boulders in the October 9th Fine Collectibles Auction. With the value of many collectibles feeling the bite from the current economic downturn, demand for quality Chinese antiques, such as seals, jade, jewelry, ivory, statuary, textiles and carvings has remained very strong. Much of this demand is fueled by growth of the Chinese economy over the past 10 years and the associated wealth created. In some cases, Chinese collectors are driving values to record highs.

 About Chinese Seals - in Relation to the Chinese Culture:

Chinese seals have been an integral part of Chinese culture for the past 3000 years. They were used in official and private capacities. According to a Han dynasty story, the first seal was given to the Yellow Emperor by a yellow dragon with a chart on its back. Another story says that it was given to Emperor Yao by a phoenix as the emperor was sitting in a boat. In any case, the receipt of the seal signifies the conferral of the Mandate of Heaven. He who has the seal possesses the Mandate of Heaven, in other words, he has been given the right to rule the empire. So when Tang, the first ruler of the Shang dynasty overthrows the last tyrant of the previous Xia dynasty, he seizes the royal seal and thus establishes his power.

Seals - Official Capacity:

At the time of the Han dynasty, the emperor had six seals, during the Tang he had eight, during the Ming over a dozen, and by the time of the Qing, there were several dozens of official imperial seals. The inscription on these official seals usually refers to receiving the Mandate of Heaven or being the successor of Heaven.

 Official seals have been conferred to officials as a token of their office and authority. These seals were usually small enough to be carried on the official's belt. There were regulations as to the material and shape of the handle of these seals: some had to be golden, some copper, some with a handle in the shape of a turtle, some of a camel. Up to the Eastern Han dynasty (25-330), the color of ink used to affix official seals was regulated depending on the position of the owner, some officials had to use green ink, some purple, some yellow etc.


Seals - Private Capacity:

Private seals are naturally unregulated, therefore they show the largest variety in content, shape, size, material and calligraphy. Despite of chinese carved stone bouldertheir varied characteristics, they can still be categorized based on their use.

Seals with names, pen names, pseudonyms etc on them were used as a signature by people in their private life. This is how artists sign their works and letters. Chinese literati commonly used a number of different pen names so identifying a person's name from a seal can be a tricky business.

Collector seals were mainly used for the purpose of authenticating pieces of art. Thus a seal of a famous collector or connoisseur would become an integral part of a work of art and could substantially raise its value. Thus in the course of several centuries, some Chinese paintings became covered by a dozen of different seals.

There were also various "leisure seals", which possessed thoughts or famous quotes.

The following is a partial list of Chinese antiques in Manor Auctions October 9th Fine Art & Collectible Auctions:

18213 CHINESE SHOUSHAN STONE DRAGON SEAL A Shoushan carved stone dragon seal incised with a cyclical date, "Ding Si", (1857 / 1917 / 1977). Finely carved dragon atop a stone boulder. Size: 3.7" tall Condition: VGC
18214 SHOUSHAN STONE SEAL "TWO MIRROR IMAGE DRAGONS" Large Shoushan stone carved seal. Two mirror image dragons. Green and purple hues. A few age cracks. Has a small repair to the tip of one of the dragons horns as well as a tiny chip to the nose of the same dragon. Size: 6.75" long, 5" tall Condition: VGC
18215 SHOUSHAN STONE CARVED SEAL "MAN HUGGING A PEACH" A finely carved stone seal made from Shoushan stone. Depicting a man hugging a giant peach. According to Chinese art symbolism, peaches symbolize longevity and health. Size: 4.2" tall Condition: VGC
18215a LOT OF 4 CARVED CHINESE SEALS The caliber of these pieces is one of grandeur. A Chinese seal having an intricate carving of a lion with its cubs with sides depicting cranes soaring through the sky. The second seal is column-shaped with an incised scene of a mountain. One face is filled with Chinese calligraphy. The second set of seals are yellow tinted, each with a bamboo motif. The taller seal is column-shaped and at the top rests a loop. Incised on the seal is a cyclical date, "xin yi" (1881/1941/2001), ninth month. The second seal is wedge-shaped and features a bamboo tree in relief. The seal reads, "bing zi", the cyclical date 1876/1936/1996, autumn, and the name Gu Tang. Size: 4.2" and 4.6" tall Condition: VGC
18216 CHINESE TIANHUANG STONE DRAGON SEAL A translucent tianhuang carved dragon seal. Incised to one side with a cyclical date "Ren Xu" (1862 / 1922 / 1982), Summer, sixth month. Size: 3.75" x 3" x 3" Condition: VGC
18217 CHINESE TIANHUANG STONE DRAGON SEAL Intricately carved tianhuang dragon seal. Semi-translucent "amber color" seal is of square section, carved and pierced to the top with a pair of coiled dragons contesting a sacred jewel. One face incised with a cyclical date "Ding Mao" (1867 / 1927 / 1987), Summer. Minor wear consistent with use and handling. Size: 4" x 3.3" x 3.3" Condition: VGC
18218 LARGE CHINESE TIANHUANG STONE DRAGON SEAL A semi-translucent tianhuang dragon seal of square section and incised with a cyclical date "Gui Hai" (1863 / 1923 / 1983), Beginning of Summer. Nice caramel color. Minor wear consistent with use and handling. Size: 4.2" x 2.75" x 2.75" Condition: VGC
18219 SMALL CHINESE CARVED TIANHUANG STONE SEAL A small tianhuang carved seal. Face gently carved. Size: 1.9" high Condition: VGC
18220 TIANHUANG DRAGON TURTLE SEAL The dragon turtle combines two of the four celestial animals of Chinese mythology. Associated with courage, determination, power, success, and support, all of which are recognized in this carving. Atop a strong base stands a powerful beast, which has been delicately carved of tianhuang stone. A magnificent piece with Chinese calligraphy around the base. Size: 5.5" x 2.3" x 2.3" Condition: VGC
18221 YELLOW TIANHUANG LION SEAL Mottled with red and orange, this seal's colors are only bested by the level of carving exhibited. An intricately carved Chinese lion and cub stand atop a base that features a bamboo pattern accentuated by decorative cavities. Size: 5.25" x 2.5" x 2.5" Condition: VGC
18222 PAIR OF TIANHUANG SMALL STONE SEALS Tianhuang small rectangular seals in a custom-made red stone box. Size: 1" each. Box is 2.2" long. Condition: VGC
18223 SINGLE CUBE-SHAPED TIANHUANG SEAL W/ FITTED BOX An immaculate example of tianhuang stone. Gorgeous in its honey color, this semi-translucent seal is incised with a cyclical date, "ren yin" (1842/1902/1962), tenth month. Included is a deeply stained, brown, box fitted to the seal. Size: 1.5" x 1.5" x 0.75" Condition: VGC
18224 CHINESE YELLOW-SKIN TIANHUANG STONE BOULDER A semi-translucent tianhuang stone boulder. Carving of 2 men on one side. Size: 2.75" tall Condition: VGC
18225 TIANHUANG STONE BOULDER A carved tianhuang stone boulder. Semi-translucent and carved with a man fishing. Size: 3.2" tall Condition: VGC
18225a CHINESE PALE GREEN SHOUSHAN BOULDER A quality carved, Chinese pale green carved Shoushan boulder depicting a mountainous village scene. Size: 3.5" tall, not including wood stand. Condition: VGC
18225b SHOUSHAN STONE CARVING OF BUDDHA JI GONG This piece required a mastering of Shoushan stone carving. Buddha Ji Gong relaxes in the shade and reaps the benefits of nature as he drinks from the flower of a tree. Intricate leaves and features are present throughout the entirety of this piece. Size: 5" x 3.5" Condition: VGC
18226 TIANHUANG-TYPE STONE PEBBLE SNUFF BOTTLE A small carved stone snuff bottle made from a tianhuang-type stone. Finely carved image of a small village. Size: 1.75" tall Condition: VGC, missing stopper.
18227 HAND CARVED BONE CATS SITTING ATOP A WOODEN BASE A pair of hand carved bone cats facing each other and sitting atop a square wooden base. Size: 5.5" Condition: VGC
18228 CARVED BONE CHINESE POLYCHROME CABBAGE WITH INSECT Ornately carved Chinese polychrome bone carved in the form of cabbage with a cricket or insect to the top. Size: 9" Condition: VGC

Manor Auctions is an industry leader in the acquisition, marketing and sale of original art, timepieces, fine jewelry, diamonds, coins, ivory, jade, militaria, historic documents and collectibles. Manor has representatives available nationwide and offers no cost consignment consultations. From a single item, to a specialty collection or estate - contact Manor Auctions for a consultation.

Asian Ivory Carvings Encapsulate Masterful Skills Of Art & Beauty

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carved ivory woodland village sceneSteady handed meticulous craftsmanship and skill produce stunningly detailed and amazing Chinese & Japanese ivory carvings of all sizes. From small Japanese Netsukes to carved tusks inset with intricate scenes to ornately carved large Chinese Religious figures - the many art forms of ivory are almost endless. Manor's October 9th Fine Collectible Auction offers a diverse assortment of carved ivory pieces, to encompass African countries, China & Japan. In total, 55 lots of ivory related collectible carvings & jewelry will be sold. 

The ivory being sold in the October 9th auction consists mainly of collectible (pre-ban) carvings of elephant, mammcarved ivory teapototh and Hippopotamus tusk. Ivory collector should take a moment to browse the online catalog to preview the many different pieces. Bidders are able to participate in the auction via live auction floor, telephone, Internet and absentee. Questions related to the auction are directed to the gallery: 850-523-3787.


Due to international laws, ivory is not able to be exported and can only be sold & shipped domestically (unless the buyer has completed all necessary customs and trade paperwork).

Aside from the carved ivory, Manor also offers an assortment of quality Chinese antiques in the October auction, consisting of jade, seals, carved boulders & stones, art and statuary. The Chinese culture is widely known and respected for their master craftsman and artists who possess amazing skills in their areas of specialty.


Manor Auctions welcomes everyone to participate and bid in the auction. Bidders are able to participate The following is a partial list of the ivory lots being sold in the auction:

18228 CARVED BONE CHINESE POLYCHROME CABBAGE WITH INSECT Ornately carved Chinese polychrome bone carved in the form of cabbage with a cricket or insect to the top. Size: 9" Condition: VGC
18228a POLYCHROME CARVED IVORY EGGPLANT Intricately carved Chinese ivory polychrome eggplant. Deep purple stained color sets off this piece with the inside carved scene of kids playing under the trees. One of the children is broken off in the front. Bottom is signed. Size: 4" x 1.5" Condition: VGC
18228b POLYCHROME CARVED IVORY PERSIMMON Elaborately carved polychrome Chinese ivory persimmon. The Greek knew this to be the fruit of the gods. The light yellowish-orange hue greatly stands this piece out with the inner workings of people under a tree in great detail. Signed on bottom. Size: 2.25" x 2" Condition: VGC
18228c POLYCHROME CARVED IVORY PUMPKIN Perplex Chinese polychrome carving of a pumpkin. Freshly ripped pumpkin with the vast array of greens, yellows, and oranges depicts a small village scene of fishermen and villagers during their daily tasks. Size: 2.5" x 1.75" Condition: VGC, minor age cracks on top and bottom.
18229 CARVED WALRUS FROM BONE & HORN ELEPHANT A 2 piece lot to include a walrus carved from bone with ivory tusks, along with an elephant carved from horn with ivory tusks. The walrus is signed by the artist. Size: Walrus 1.75"X3", Elephant 3"X4" Condition: VGC
18230 CARVED BONE SOLDIER FIGURE CHESS PIECES Hand carved bone figures. 7 in white and 8 in red. Size: 1.5" Condition: VGC
18231 JAPANESE CARVED BONE INRO Carved bone inro on a pink chord with carved top bead. Size: 3" Condition: VGC
18231a CHINESE CARVED BONE SALT SHAKER & PEPPER MILL A finely carved matching pair of condiments. Including a salt shaker and a Peppermill. Both are patterned with scenes of village life. Both stand 4 inches tall. Size: 4 inches Condition: VGC-minor cracking and age wear
18232 A FINELY CARVED HIPPO TOOTH ARCH Hippopotamus tooth bridge carved in the form of a dragon and a bird of paradise. Size: Stand is 12" total Condition: VGC
18233 JAPANESE CARVED ELEPHANT IVORY WOODLAND SCENE A very well executed and finally carved forend piece of a large elephant task. Intricately carved with flowers, bamboo and a caged village scene, carved through the holes of the cage. This single piece shows an enormous talent, unsigned by the artist. There are some of the fine leaves absence although losses such as this would be expected from such a fine piece. Size: 10" tall including their base Condition: see description
18234 CHINESE CARVED ELEPHANT IVORY TUSK It finely carved elephant ivory towers in the form of a herd or parade of elephants. Each is carved with great detail. Size: 15" long Condition: VGC
18235 CHINESE ELEPHANT IVORY TEAPOT WITH CARVED DRAGONS Elephant ivory teapot, decorated with dragons and birds of paradise carvings in relief. Figural Dragon handle. This piece is made in sections and would appear more for decoration than use. Writing and signature to the handle. Size: 12 inches Condition: VGC
18236 MAMMOTH IVORY PUZZLE BALL & STAND Hand carved puzzle ball with stand. The stand in the form of 3 elephants. Size: 5.25" total Condition: VGC
18237 CHINESE CARVED ELEPHANT IVORY PUZZLE BALL & STAND A tall and finely carved Chinese puzzle ball and stand with deity figure finial. This is the puzzle ball with many layers. And carved with Dragon figures. Size: 14" tall Condition: VGC
18238 CHINESE CARVED ELEPHANT IVORY PUZZLE BALL & STAND A tall and finely carved Chinese puzzle ball and stand with deity figure finial. This is the puzzle ball with many layers. And carved with Dragon figures. Size: 14" tall Condition: VGC
18239 ANTIQUE CHINESE CARVED ELEPHANT IVORY HORSE A finely carved ivory horse. Some light age cracking. Size: 5" tall Condition: VGC
18240 ANTIQUE CHINESE CARVED ELEPHANT IVORY HORSE A finely carved ivory horse. Some light age hairline cracking. Size: 5" tall Condition: VGC
18241 LOT OF 6 ELEPHANT IVORY CARVED NETSUKES Group of six hand carved netsukes. All unsigned. Size: Avg 2" Condition: VGC
18242 LOT 3 JAPANESE EROTIC IVORY NETSUKES - SIGNED 3 elephant ivory Japanese erotic netsukes all signed. Size: 1.25 to 1.75" tall Condition: VGC
18243 PAIR CHINESE CARVED ELEPHANT IVORY VASES A pair of elephant ivory carved vases. Slender tapering bodies with carved dragon motif. Size: 4", 5" including base Condition: VGC
18244 CHINESE IVORY CARVED FIGURE OF AN OLD MAN A Chinese elephant ivory carved figure. An old man carrying a basket. Size: 7" including wood base Condition: VGC
18245 PAIR OF CHINESE IVORY CARVED FIGURES - MAN & WOMAN Chinese elephant ivory carved figure of a man and woman. On matching wood stands. Size: 4", 5" with wood base Condition: VGC
18246 LOT OF 8 CARVED IVORY NETSUKES Antique ivory netsukes. A mix of elephant and hippo ivory. A few are signed. A few with age crazing. Size: Various Condition: VGC
18247 CHINESE ELEPHANT IVORY FIGURE OF A LADY Chinese carved elephant ivory figure of a lady. The figure has areas accented with black ink. Size: 9.25 inches tall Condition: VGC
18247a CARVED IVORY SNUFF BOTTLE - VILLAGE SCENE Nicely executed elephant ivory snuff bottle with carved village scene in relief. Signed to bottom. Size: 4 3/8 inches Condition: VGC
18248 ELEPHANT IVORY WALKING CANE WITH LION HANDLE Full elephant ivory, walking stick formed in multiple sections. One section has a crack. On top is an ivory carved lion. Size: 37" x 4.75" Condition: VGC
18249 ELEPHANT IVORY CARVED FIGURE OF GUAN YIN A small figure of Guan Yin. Carved from elephant ivory. Size: 4.5" tall including base. Condition: VGC
18250 MIXED LOT IVORY FIGURES A Chinese ivory carving of a village in a clam shell on a wooden stand. 2.75" long. A 2" carved elephant, from a larger item. An ivory table with place setting. A fish, a jug, and a basket. Size: Various Condition: VGC
18251 ANTIQUE JAPANESE CARVED ELEPHANT IVORY LIDDED POT Carved elephant ivory lidded pot with elephants and Tiger in relief. The lid is decorated with a prowling Tiger and a carved lion. The piece is signed and the signature appears in a block tablet. Size: standing over 4 inches tall Condition: VGC
18252 PAIR OF JAPANESE CARVED IVORY SNUFF BOTTLES A pair of hand carved and painted elephant ivory Emperor and Empress snuff bottles. Nice overall age patination and coloring. Size: 5 inches Condition: VGC
18253 JAPANESE BONE & IVORY CARVED FIGURES Japanese carved bone inro with carved mice figures and coloured grasses. Together with a carved bone farmer figure standing 4.5 inches. And a mammoth ivory carving of an elephant of almost 3 inches long attached to a wooden stand. Size: see description Condition: minor faults to the farmer otherwise VGC
18255 CHINESE CARVED IVORY HANDLED BRONZE PAN IRON Chinese cast bronze pan iron with carved ivory handle, the handle has a carved village scene in relief and shows age wear and minor cracking. Size: 10.5 inches long Condition: VGC
18256 CARVED MAMMOTH IVORY TRICERATOPS FIGURE A well executed carving of a Triceratops in Mammoth Ivory. Repair to the tail. Size: 5" total length Condition: See description
18257 MAMMOTH IVORY TUSK CARVING Mammoth ivory tusk carved in the form of two Wolly mammoth. Size: standing 3" max Condition: VGC
18258 FINELY CARVED MAMMOTH IVORY NECKLACE & BROOCHES A very well carved mammoth ivory necklace with Two hand carved brooches. The necklace is carved with a filigree floral design, the brooches with carved animal figures. Condition: VGC
18259 FINELY CARVED MAMMOTH IVORY BALL NECKLACE & BROOCH A very well carved mammoth ivory bead necklace with a hand carved brooch. The necklace is carved balls of ivory, the brooch with carved mammoth figure. Condition: VGC
18260 OLEG RAIKIS "FLOWERS" MAMMOTH IVORY CHESS SET Beautifully hand carved chess set by Russian sculptor Oleg Raikis. Each white chessman is hand carved from ivory mammoth tusk. The dark chessman are hand carved from rare indigenous wood, Bokaut. Each custom set takes anywhere from 3 months to a year to create. The pieces in this set are florist forms of Art Nouveau motifs. Signed "Raikis 03" to the bottoms of the Kings and Queens. Size: King - 4.75", Pawn - 2.5" Condition: VGC
18260a MAMMOTH IVORY CHINESE CHESS SET Chinese chess set of 32 pieces each hand crafted from 40,000 year old mammoth ivory. Both king and queen of each side shows the sign for victory and have etched in designs on their robes. Each teams pawns are unique. The ivory side is in its true color and the dark side is stained mammoth ivory. The wooden board is 22" x 22". Size: King 6" Queen 5" Pawn 3" Condition: VGC
18261 TIFFANY & CO ELEPHANT IVORY POWDER JAR Late 19th-century carved elephant ivory powder jar, stamped to the base "Tiffany & co". Twist of lid. Carved scroll work. Size: 3.5 inches tall Condition: VGC
18262 LOT OF 3 HORN & BONE CARVINGS Two peregrine falcons beautifully carved of horn. One of these avian predators can be hung from the ceiling, while the other sits atop a stand. The standing bird's wings are no longer attached, but they are included. A talking stick made of bone has been shaped as a vicious water serpent. The side has a scene of the serpent chasing prey. Size: 14" standing bird, 12" bird, 32" stick Condition: VGC
18263 STAG HORN COVERED WOOD STORAGE BOX A well made storage box, covered with strips of stag horn. pull out drawer with lock (no key). Size: 11 x 4 x 3" Condition: VGC

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