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Asian Ivory Carvings Encapsulate Masterful Skills Of Art & Beauty

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carved ivory woodland village sceneSteady handed meticulous craftsmanship and skill produce stunningly detailed and amazing Chinese & Japanese ivory carvings of all sizes. From small Japanese Netsukes to carved tusks inset with intricate scenes to ornately carved large Chinese Religious figures - the many art forms of ivory are almost endless. Manor's October 9th Fine Collectible Auction offers a diverse assortment of carved ivory pieces, to encompass African countries, China & Japan. In total, 55 lots of ivory related collectible carvings & jewelry will be sold. 

The ivory being sold in the October 9th auction consists mainly of collectible (pre-ban) carvings of elephant, mammcarved ivory teapototh and Hippopotamus tusk. Ivory collector should take a moment to browse the online catalog to preview the many different pieces. Bidders are able to participate in the auction via live auction floor, telephone, Internet and absentee. Questions related to the auction are directed to the gallery: 850-523-3787.


Due to international laws, ivory is not able to be exported and can only be sold & shipped domestically (unless the buyer has completed all necessary customs and trade paperwork).

Aside from the carved ivory, Manor also offers an assortment of quality Chinese antiques in the October auction, consisting of jade, seals, carved boulders & stones, art and statuary. The Chinese culture is widely known and respected for their master craftsman and artists who possess amazing skills in their areas of specialty.


Manor Auctions welcomes everyone to participate and bid in the auction. Bidders are able to participate The following is a partial list of the ivory lots being sold in the auction:

18228 CARVED BONE CHINESE POLYCHROME CABBAGE WITH INSECT Ornately carved Chinese polychrome bone carved in the form of cabbage with a cricket or insect to the top. Size: 9" Condition: VGC
18228a POLYCHROME CARVED IVORY EGGPLANT Intricately carved Chinese ivory polychrome eggplant. Deep purple stained color sets off this piece with the inside carved scene of kids playing under the trees. One of the children is broken off in the front. Bottom is signed. Size: 4" x 1.5" Condition: VGC
18228b POLYCHROME CARVED IVORY PERSIMMON Elaborately carved polychrome Chinese ivory persimmon. The Greek knew this to be the fruit of the gods. The light yellowish-orange hue greatly stands this piece out with the inner workings of people under a tree in great detail. Signed on bottom. Size: 2.25" x 2" Condition: VGC
18228c POLYCHROME CARVED IVORY PUMPKIN Perplex Chinese polychrome carving of a pumpkin. Freshly ripped pumpkin with the vast array of greens, yellows, and oranges depicts a small village scene of fishermen and villagers during their daily tasks. Size: 2.5" x 1.75" Condition: VGC, minor age cracks on top and bottom.
18229 CARVED WALRUS FROM BONE & HORN ELEPHANT A 2 piece lot to include a walrus carved from bone with ivory tusks, along with an elephant carved from horn with ivory tusks. The walrus is signed by the artist. Size: Walrus 1.75"X3", Elephant 3"X4" Condition: VGC
18230 CARVED BONE SOLDIER FIGURE CHESS PIECES Hand carved bone figures. 7 in white and 8 in red. Size: 1.5" Condition: VGC
18231 JAPANESE CARVED BONE INRO Carved bone inro on a pink chord with carved top bead. Size: 3" Condition: VGC
18231a CHINESE CARVED BONE SALT SHAKER & PEPPER MILL A finely carved matching pair of condiments. Including a salt shaker and a Peppermill. Both are patterned with scenes of village life. Both stand 4 inches tall. Size: 4 inches Condition: VGC-minor cracking and age wear
18232 A FINELY CARVED HIPPO TOOTH ARCH Hippopotamus tooth bridge carved in the form of a dragon and a bird of paradise. Size: Stand is 12" total Condition: VGC
18233 JAPANESE CARVED ELEPHANT IVORY WOODLAND SCENE A very well executed and finally carved forend piece of a large elephant task. Intricately carved with flowers, bamboo and a caged village scene, carved through the holes of the cage. This single piece shows an enormous talent, unsigned by the artist. There are some of the fine leaves absence although losses such as this would be expected from such a fine piece. Size: 10" tall including their base Condition: see description
18234 CHINESE CARVED ELEPHANT IVORY TUSK It finely carved elephant ivory towers in the form of a herd or parade of elephants. Each is carved with great detail. Size: 15" long Condition: VGC
18235 CHINESE ELEPHANT IVORY TEAPOT WITH CARVED DRAGONS Elephant ivory teapot, decorated with dragons and birds of paradise carvings in relief. Figural Dragon handle. This piece is made in sections and would appear more for decoration than use. Writing and signature to the handle. Size: 12 inches Condition: VGC
18236 MAMMOTH IVORY PUZZLE BALL & STAND Hand carved puzzle ball with stand. The stand in the form of 3 elephants. Size: 5.25" total Condition: VGC
18237 CHINESE CARVED ELEPHANT IVORY PUZZLE BALL & STAND A tall and finely carved Chinese puzzle ball and stand with deity figure finial. This is the puzzle ball with many layers. And carved with Dragon figures. Size: 14" tall Condition: VGC
18238 CHINESE CARVED ELEPHANT IVORY PUZZLE BALL & STAND A tall and finely carved Chinese puzzle ball and stand with deity figure finial. This is the puzzle ball with many layers. And carved with Dragon figures. Size: 14" tall Condition: VGC
18239 ANTIQUE CHINESE CARVED ELEPHANT IVORY HORSE A finely carved ivory horse. Some light age cracking. Size: 5" tall Condition: VGC
18240 ANTIQUE CHINESE CARVED ELEPHANT IVORY HORSE A finely carved ivory horse. Some light age hairline cracking. Size: 5" tall Condition: VGC
18241 LOT OF 6 ELEPHANT IVORY CARVED NETSUKES Group of six hand carved netsukes. All unsigned. Size: Avg 2" Condition: VGC
18242 LOT 3 JAPANESE EROTIC IVORY NETSUKES - SIGNED 3 elephant ivory Japanese erotic netsukes all signed. Size: 1.25 to 1.75" tall Condition: VGC
18243 PAIR CHINESE CARVED ELEPHANT IVORY VASES A pair of elephant ivory carved vases. Slender tapering bodies with carved dragon motif. Size: 4", 5" including base Condition: VGC
18244 CHINESE IVORY CARVED FIGURE OF AN OLD MAN A Chinese elephant ivory carved figure. An old man carrying a basket. Size: 7" including wood base Condition: VGC
18245 PAIR OF CHINESE IVORY CARVED FIGURES - MAN & WOMAN Chinese elephant ivory carved figure of a man and woman. On matching wood stands. Size: 4", 5" with wood base Condition: VGC
18246 LOT OF 8 CARVED IVORY NETSUKES Antique ivory netsukes. A mix of elephant and hippo ivory. A few are signed. A few with age crazing. Size: Various Condition: VGC
18247 CHINESE ELEPHANT IVORY FIGURE OF A LADY Chinese carved elephant ivory figure of a lady. The figure has areas accented with black ink. Size: 9.25 inches tall Condition: VGC
18247a CARVED IVORY SNUFF BOTTLE - VILLAGE SCENE Nicely executed elephant ivory snuff bottle with carved village scene in relief. Signed to bottom. Size: 4 3/8 inches Condition: VGC
18248 ELEPHANT IVORY WALKING CANE WITH LION HANDLE Full elephant ivory, walking stick formed in multiple sections. One section has a crack. On top is an ivory carved lion. Size: 37" x 4.75" Condition: VGC
18249 ELEPHANT IVORY CARVED FIGURE OF GUAN YIN A small figure of Guan Yin. Carved from elephant ivory. Size: 4.5" tall including base. Condition: VGC
18250 MIXED LOT IVORY FIGURES A Chinese ivory carving of a village in a clam shell on a wooden stand. 2.75" long. A 2" carved elephant, from a larger item. An ivory table with place setting. A fish, a jug, and a basket. Size: Various Condition: VGC
18251 ANTIQUE JAPANESE CARVED ELEPHANT IVORY LIDDED POT Carved elephant ivory lidded pot with elephants and Tiger in relief. The lid is decorated with a prowling Tiger and a carved lion. The piece is signed and the signature appears in a block tablet. Size: standing over 4 inches tall Condition: VGC
18252 PAIR OF JAPANESE CARVED IVORY SNUFF BOTTLES A pair of hand carved and painted elephant ivory Emperor and Empress snuff bottles. Nice overall age patination and coloring. Size: 5 inches Condition: VGC
18253 JAPANESE BONE & IVORY CARVED FIGURES Japanese carved bone inro with carved mice figures and coloured grasses. Together with a carved bone farmer figure standing 4.5 inches. And a mammoth ivory carving of an elephant of almost 3 inches long attached to a wooden stand. Size: see description Condition: minor faults to the farmer otherwise VGC
18255 CHINESE CARVED IVORY HANDLED BRONZE PAN IRON Chinese cast bronze pan iron with carved ivory handle, the handle has a carved village scene in relief and shows age wear and minor cracking. Size: 10.5 inches long Condition: VGC
18256 CARVED MAMMOTH IVORY TRICERATOPS FIGURE A well executed carving of a Triceratops in Mammoth Ivory. Repair to the tail. Size: 5" total length Condition: See description
18257 MAMMOTH IVORY TUSK CARVING Mammoth ivory tusk carved in the form of two Wolly mammoth. Size: standing 3" max Condition: VGC
18258 FINELY CARVED MAMMOTH IVORY NECKLACE & BROOCHES A very well carved mammoth ivory necklace with Two hand carved brooches. The necklace is carved with a filigree floral design, the brooches with carved animal figures. Condition: VGC
18259 FINELY CARVED MAMMOTH IVORY BALL NECKLACE & BROOCH A very well carved mammoth ivory bead necklace with a hand carved brooch. The necklace is carved balls of ivory, the brooch with carved mammoth figure. Condition: VGC
18260 OLEG RAIKIS "FLOWERS" MAMMOTH IVORY CHESS SET Beautifully hand carved chess set by Russian sculptor Oleg Raikis. Each white chessman is hand carved from ivory mammoth tusk. The dark chessman are hand carved from rare indigenous wood, Bokaut. Each custom set takes anywhere from 3 months to a year to create. The pieces in this set are florist forms of Art Nouveau motifs. Signed "Raikis 03" to the bottoms of the Kings and Queens. Size: King - 4.75", Pawn - 2.5" Condition: VGC
18260a MAMMOTH IVORY CHINESE CHESS SET Chinese chess set of 32 pieces each hand crafted from 40,000 year old mammoth ivory. Both king and queen of each side shows the sign for victory and have etched in designs on their robes. Each teams pawns are unique. The ivory side is in its true color and the dark side is stained mammoth ivory. The wooden board is 22" x 22". Size: King 6" Queen 5" Pawn 3" Condition: VGC
18261 TIFFANY & CO ELEPHANT IVORY POWDER JAR Late 19th-century carved elephant ivory powder jar, stamped to the base "Tiffany & co". Twist of lid. Carved scroll work. Size: 3.5 inches tall Condition: VGC
18262 LOT OF 3 HORN & BONE CARVINGS Two peregrine falcons beautifully carved of horn. One of these avian predators can be hung from the ceiling, while the other sits atop a stand. The standing bird's wings are no longer attached, but they are included. A talking stick made of bone has been shaped as a vicious water serpent. The side has a scene of the serpent chasing prey. Size: 14" standing bird, 12" bird, 32" stick Condition: VGC
18263 STAG HORN COVERED WOOD STORAGE BOX A well made storage box, covered with strips of stag horn. pull out drawer with lock (no key). Size: 11 x 4 x 3" Condition: VGC

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