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Florida Artist A.E. Backus Oil Paintings & Pastel Attract Collector Interest Ahead Of Sale

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Well-known Florida Landscape artist A.E. Backus / Albert Backus, known by "Beanie" to most. Backus lived a majority of his life in Ft. Pierce Florida, where the Backus Gallery & Museum remain today. Manor Auctions is pleased to offer 4 A.E. Backus paintings and a pastel for sale in the February 25th, 2012 Fine Art Catalog Auction.

a-e-albert-backus-painting-on-canvasA.E. BACKUS - PAINTING "SUN UP" OIL ON CANVASHis paintings are highly sought by collectors from around the globe and thus his original paintings remain strong in today's market. He is probbaly the most notable Florida landscape artist of the 20th century. Backus is well known for creating a unique style of landscape art, one which he shared with his countless students throughout the years. Backus is remembered as a very generous individual, always giving to people and organizations who he felt would benefit from his benevolence.

Backus was primarily a self-taught painter who cut his teeth as an early commercial painter of signs, billboards and movie marquees. From there he progressed to landscape paintings, where over the years he refined his art from palette and knife to more brush work. His paintings were known for coming to life and captivating the viewer. 

Not only is Backus remembered as great landscape artist, but also as a teacher to all. Backus was always giving back, with his door open to any and all who wanted to learn. Backus welcomed people from all walks of life in to his studio, with these students earning the nickname of "Backus Brats". Throughout his life Backus had an everlasting influence on hundreds of children and young adults. 

The most notable of the Backus Brats would have to be the Florida Highwaymen. A movement which began when Al Hair and Harold Newton, unknown African-American artists, approached Backus about learning to paint Florida Landscapes. Hair and Newton would go on to bring 24 friends in to his circle, and together they formed the original 26 Florida Highwaymen. A group of African-American artists whose story is one of intrigue, perseverance and hard work, which resulted in careers spanning more than 50 years and an everlasting impression on the Florida art scene.


Aside from the A.E. Backus Paintings, the auction will also include: fine jewelry, diamonds, timepieces, coins, currency, crystal & glassware, jade, ivory, original listed art, automaton bird boxes & birdcages, gem stones, military antiques, silver, Native American sterling silver jewelry, scrimshaw, Chinese seals, collectibles & furniture.

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Backus Paintings & Pastel Being Sold in the February 25th, 2012 Fine Art, Jewelry & Collectibles Catalog:

A.E. BACKUS - PAINTING "SUN UP" OIL ON CANVAS Albert E. Backus (American, 1906-1991). Florida artist Backus served as inspiration for the Florida Highwaymen movement. Caribbean coastal landscape titled "Sun Up" features three figures looking out through fog at two sea vessels. 1965. Signed bottom right. Size: 25" x 30" Condition: VGC Est. 14000-18000 Lot 23035

A.E. BACKUS - "RED HIBISCUS ON GLASS" OIL ON GLASS Albert "Bean" Backus (American, 1906-199). Florida artist Backus served asa-e-backus-painting-on-boardA.E. BACKUS JAMAICAN LANDSCAPE "FISHING BOAT" inspiration for the Highwaymen. Glass topped table features hibiscus flowers painted in reverse, signed lower right. Commissioned by Backus friend and Ft. Pierce realtor Myrtle Engler in the early 1950's. Comes with vertification from Backus Gallery. A very unique piece for the Backus collector. Overall good condition, with some surface scratches on glass from wear, and a chip in one corner of the glass. Size: 16" x 30" Condition: See description Est. 3000-6000 Lot 23036

A.E. BACKUS JAMAICAN LANDSCAPE "FISHING BOAT" Albert Ernest "Bean" Backus, (American 1906-1991). Known as the "Dean of Florida Landscape Painters" and a member of the Florida Artist Hall of Fame. Backus was the inspiration for the Florida Highwaymen artists and their style of painting. A.E. Backus Jamaican Landscape painting along shoreline with 3 fisherman tending to their boat. Oil on Upson board. Titled "Fishing Boat". Painting measures 12 x 16". Size: 17 x 21" Framed Condition: VGC Est. 5000-8000 Lot 23037

ALBERT E. BACKUS - PASTEL & LETTERS OF NELLIE WOOD Albert Earnest "Bean" Backus pastel painting of his girlfriend, Nellie Wood O'Riordan. Pastel on felt. Backus's family tried fervently to hide her identity from the public. Nellie was known as the recipient of "The Golden Poet Award" in 1989, and her book, "Rhymes and Reasons," was quite successful. This lot also includes a rare grouping correspondence letters between Nellie and her long-time friends. All of the letters are signed, and each one mentions "Beanie," Backus's nickname. The letters are so evocative, that one can easily imagine moments between the lovers. Her letters also vividly describe her social mileu as an invited guest at the Florida's Governor's Mansion (in Tallahassee, FL) and a notation following Backus's death, Nellie described how Backus had told her that he wasn't feeling well and goes on to say that he died later that day. Also included are limited edition postcards (unused) and an Easter card, all featuring Backus's works. Nellie's book, "Rhymes and Reasons", is also part of this lot. A unique and interesting Backus art and ephemera lot. The pastel has also includes authentication and appraised by the A.E. Backus gallery in Ft. Pierce, FL. Size: 16" x 13" Condition: VGC Est. 1000-2000 Lot 23038

ATTRIBUTED TO A.E. BACKUS - FLORIDA LANDSCAPE     Attribute to A.E. Backus (American, 1906-1991). Florida landscape painting attributed to "Beanie" Backus, acquired from private family collection out of Delray Beach, FL. Canvas is framed with light. No signature. Size: 20" x 24" Condition: VGC Est. 3,000.00 - 6,000.00 Lot 23038a

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