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Florida Highwaymen Art Show | Artist Meet & Greet, April 21st 2012

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Florida-Highwaymen-Artist-Robert-LewisFlorida Highwaymen R. L. Lewis working on a Florida Landscape Painting

The Florida Highwaymen Art Show will be in Tallahassee on April 21st, 2012. The Highwaymen Artists will be exhibiting their paintings, speaking about their art, painting, and meeting the public in the Tallahassee Mall from 10am to 6pm on Saturday, April 21st. The art show is open to everyone.

Taking part in the Highwaymen Art Show are the following Florida Highwaymen Artists:

  • Al Black (Florida Highwaymen Artist)
  • Carnell Smith (Florida Highwaymen Artist)
  • James Gibson (Florida Highwaymen Artist)
  • Willie Reagan (Florida Highwaymen Artist)
  • R L Lewis (Florida Highwaymen Artist)
  • Robert Butler (Florida Highwaymen Artist)
  • Charles Walker (Florida Highwaymen Artist)
  • Issac knight (Florida Highwaymen Artist)
  • Doretha Hair (Al Hair's Widow)
This is a great opportunity to meet an amazing group of artists and share in their story. The Florida Highwaymen are considered by many to be "The Last Great American Art Movement Of The 20th Century." Stop out and you will surely understand why.

Highwaymen-Citrus-Harvest-ReaganHighwaymen - Citrus Harvest, W. ReaganAbout the Florida Highwaymen Art Movement:

It’s the mid 1950’s artist Albert Backus, a prominent Florida artist, takes an unknown African-American, Alfred Hair under his wing to teach a unique style of painting in bright vivid colors, a style which would come to define Florida landscape art the next half century.

Hair went on to recruit 25 friends, teaching them as Backus had taught him. This group of 26 African Americans were able to establish themselves against many odds, including racial and cultural barriers of the time - forming the group which later came to be known as “The Florida Highwaymen”. A name derived selling their paintings up and down the Highways and door-to-door of businesses.

In the early days, the Florida Highwaymen Artists were well known around Southeast Florida for selling their paintings up andHighwaymen Painting - Florida Keys, W. ReaganHighwaymen Painting - Florida Keys, W. Reagan down Florida roadways and door to door of many local businesses. Often selling their Upson board Florida landscape paintings while they were still wet. Thousands of paintings were created and sold during the early years, with many of them selling for about $25. 

Although, Hair died tragically in 1970, The Highwaymen art movement he created lives on to this day. In fact, all 26 of the Original Highwaymen are listed artists and in 2004 were inducted in to the Florida Artist Hall of Fame. Today, Highwaymen art may be found hanging in many places, including private collections, museums, exhibits and Florida’s Capital. The Highwaymen are considered “The Last Great American Art Movement of the 20th Century”. Highwaymen Art prices rose with their popularity as the Highwaymen became more widely recognized - most of the paintings now sell from about $500 to thousands.

Images From Past Tallahassee Highwaymen Art Shows:

{rsmediagallery tags="Highwaymen 4-21-12"}

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