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Original Drawings From Legendary Actor Peter Falk Go Under The Hammer At Manor Auctions

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A collection of 20 original Peter Falk (September 16, 1927 – June 23, 2011) drawings head to the auction block in Manor Auctions October 2011 Fine Art, Jewelry & Collectible Auction. Peter Falk is well known as a legendary Emmy Award winning actor who took part in over 40 films and television shows. In fact Peter Falk may be be known as the inquisitive Lt. Columbo from the television series Columbo. The lesser known fact about Peter Falk is that he was an accomplished artist who absolutely loved to draw and sketch. Falk developed distinctly recognizable style throughout his many years working from the model at the Art Students' League of New York and in his Beverly Hills studio. In October 2006 Falk had an exhibition of his artwork at the Butler Institute of American Art.

Peter Falk's acting career spanned nearly 50 years with his first stage role being a 1956 off-Broadway production of Dom Juan . His diverse career included stage, television and movies. Most notable roles include Columbo, The Princess BrideThe Great Race and Next. Falk was nominated for an Academy Award twice (for 1960's Murder, Inc. and 1961's Pocketful of Miracles), and won the Emmy Award on five occasions (four for Columbo) and the Golden Globe award once.

A collection of 81 original Peter Falk drawings have been consigned to Manor Auctions, the first lot of 20 drawings from the collection are set to sell on October 9th, 2011 in Manor's Tallahassee Gallery as lot 18106 - 18125. This is a wonderful opportunity for Falk's many fans to not only get a glimpse in to his unique artistic abilities, but to own a one-of-a-kind Peter Falk original drawing - to enjoy and converse about for years to come. Each drawing has been authenticated by the Estate of Peter Falk.

The consignor's amazing story of her interacting with Peter Falk, sharing the Carnegie Hall studio and the responsibility she felt in caring for this special collection of Peter Falk drawings:

"In 1987 one of my painting instructors at the Art Students League in New York referred me to Carnegie Hall for a paintin


g studio that became available. It was a coveted opportunity because the studios were rare and one had to be recommended and revie

wed before being accepted into Carnegie Hall's artistic community. In 1990 I was considering traveling for two months and there were few artists I

knew who could afford to take over the s

pace. I thought of Peter Falk, whom I had met while studying at the Art Students' League, and sent him a letter to see if he might be interested. He got back to me that while he would not be a

ble to take it over for two months he would like the opportunity to draw from the model in Carnegie Hall. That is how, for a one week period in 1990, Peter Falk and I happened to share my painting studio and expenses for models. When he left he gave me his 18" x 24" figurative charcoal drawings, a total of 83, in two drawing pads of newsprint. I received a check with Peter Falk's signature for his portion of the models' fees. We worked together during the week of May 16th, 1990 - I know this exact time period because Peter Falk and I discussed the May 16th passing of Sammy Davis, Jr..

While working in my studio he made or received phone calls from, I believe, his agent. During the phone conversations he made notations and drawings on the newsprint pads he was using for

the model. The drawings may be described as doodles and the notations include phone numbers, names and rating comparisons related to Columbo for NBC, ABC and CBS. After many years 'Columbo' was just coming back into production and rehearsal. For purposes of authenticity this is remarkably fortunate because his notations establish Peter Falk's handwriting and provide an amazing connection between the actual production of Columbo and his art.

The Studios of Carnegie Hall were an historic haven for creative talent until recently when all the artist/ tenants were forced to leave. A film released just this past May 20th titled 'Lost Bohemia' chronicles this event and delves into the many famous artists and dancers who had their studios there. I believe Peter Falk was aware of Carnegie Hall's legendary artist's studios and wanted to experience its energy. I am so fortunate to have been a part of such a magical community and environment. The background -  'provenance' -  of how the Peter Falk drawings came to be also brings to light the rich creative history of Carnegie Hall. And it includes the historic Art Students League - both further establishing Peter Falk as a fine artist.

The emergence of so many iconic entities: Peter Falk, Columbo, The Art Students League and Carnegie Hall I believe make this collection of beautiful figurative gesture drawings extraordinary and significant.peter-falk-columbo-drawing

I've had the drawings for 21 years and only brought them out to show family members on the 4th of July. The reaction and opinions that followed were so enthusiastic it was overwhelming. I was urged to be pro-active about something I had never even thought of and it led me to Manor Auctions and my first conversation with the team there.

It was a privilege to work alongside Peter Falk and to bear witness to his incredible dedication and talent. I truly feel I have been entrusted by the late legendary actor and artist to do the right thing. I feel confident that Manor Auctions shares that same sentiment - and will bring Peter Falk's drawings to the public in their best light".

Manor Auctions is pleased to bring this collection of Peter Falk Drawings to market. Bidders are able to participate via the Internet, telephone, live auction floor or through absentee bidding. Visit the auction page for details. All those with questions should call the gallery at 850-523-3787 or via Contact Form


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