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Scrimshaw & Ivory Auction Collection Commissioned To Sell

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A 300 Piece 19th C. Scrimshaw & Ivory Collection Will Sell In Manor Auctions October 2010 Auction

Scrimshaw Ivory BoxA Florida estate has commissioned a private 300 piece Scrimshaw and Ivory collection to Manor Auctions October 2010 Lakeland Florida auction. The collection consists of fantastic 19th C. Scrimshaw and Ivory carvings of bone, teeth and tusk, including many elaborate rare English Whaling pieces. The carvings span all types of tools, boxes, presentation pieces, memorabilia, whaling ship works from around the globe and much more. Many magnificent and rare Scrimshaw works exist within the grouping. This life-long collection was purchased over the last 40 years and has not seen the light of day in atleast 20 years. All things considered this is a rather intriguing and well-rounded scrimshaw and ivory collection. Serious collectors should take special note of this auction, as it is quite rare for a collection of this quality and magnitude to be offered in a single auction.

The collection will be sold in Manor Auctions October 2010 Lakeland Florida Fine Art, JewelryIvory Tusks - Pair & Collectible Catalog Auction. All pieces are being offered without reserve and will sell to the highest bidder.

Scrimshaw: The artful and often elaborate work created by whalers made from the by-products of harvesting marine mammals in the 18th & 19th C. Scrimshaw is most commonly made out of the bones and teeth of whales and the tusks of walruses. Often created to pass the time / leisure, as presentation pieces or to commemorate an occurrence.

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Scrimshaw is the practice of sailors on whaling ships creating common tools, carvings and commemroative items from left-over whale and walrus parts. The term originally referred to the making of useful tools, but later changed to reflect the works of art created by whalers in their spare time. Whale bone was ideally suited for the task, as it is easy to work and was plentiful.

ScrimshawOne of the earliest scrimshaw pieces known dates to 1817, a tooth inscribed with "This is the tooth of a sperm whale that was caught near the Galapagos islands by the crew of the ship Adam [of London], and made 100 barrels of oil in the year 1817."

Ivory and bone of other sea and coastal animals were also used as alternatives for rare whale teeth. In fact walrus tusks were commonly traded with hunters ashore and used.

Scrimshaw was a leisure activity for whalers, who spent many a night at sea. Due to the ever-present danger of whaling, whalers would have the evenings off. This provided for more free time than other sailors, and thus more time to make scrimshaw. Much of the scrimshaw remained unsigned. Early scrimshaw was done with needles, which meant the whaler had to use extreme care when making the intricate carvings as the ship tossed about in the sea.Candle black, soot or tobacco juice was typically used to rub in to the etchings and bring out the detail in the work.

This rare scrimshaw & ivory collection will be sold on October 9th in Manor's Lakeland Florida Fine Art, Jewelry & Collectible Auction. Bidders can participate via floor, phone, Internet & absentee. Contact Manor Auctions with any questions pertaining to the auction: 850-523-3787.


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