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Checkmate - Ivory Chess Set by Famed Russian Sculptor Oleg Raikis To Sell On Block

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oleg raikis ivory chess setA rare and desirable carved ivory chess set by famous Russian sculptor Oleg Raikis will be sell in Manor Auction's October 9th Fine Art & Collectible Auction. Oleg Raikis is a Russian sculptor, a member of Russian Federation of Artists, International Federation of Art and Chess Collectors International.

Raikis has been creating chess designs since 1990 and has created more than 250 unique chess sets. Some of the sets were designed as interior art objects for Cees Hogendoorn Gallery and many private clients. His works are highly prized in the private collections of famous people, politicians, businessmen, including Michael Gorbachev and other celebrities. Because of their uniqueness, quality and craftsmanship - carved chess sets created by Raikis are some of the most highly sought after by chess collectors from around the globe.

Each set is carefully carved from ivory and rare wood, and is generally based around one of his core 12 styles.

The chess set being offered by Manor Auctions on October 9th is “Flowers”. The design has appeared as a result of transformation of the classical “Staunton” into florist forms of "Art Nouveau" motifs being very popular in the highest society at the end of the 19 and the beginning of the 20 centuries.

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Along with the Raikis carved ivory chess set, Manor Auctions will also sell a variety of other Japanese & Chinese ivory carvings and chess sets.

Description of the Oleg Raikis chess set:

OLEG RAIKIS "FLOWERS" MAMMOTH IVORY CHESS SET Beautifully hand carved chess set by Russian sculptor Oleg Raikis. Each white chessman is hand carved from ivory - mammoth tusk. The dark chessman are hand carved from Bokaut, a rare indigenous wood. Each set is custom created and takes anywhere from 3 months to a year to complete. The pieces in this set are florist forms of Art Nouveau motifs. Signed "Raikis 03" to the bottoms of the Kings and Queens. Size: King - 4.75", Pawn - 2.5" Condition: VGC Est. 7000-10000 Lot 18260

Bidders can aprtipcate in the auction via live auction floor, telephone, Internet or absentee.Visit the auction page for bidding details.

Questions about the Raikis chess set or other lots in the auction, please call 850-523-3787 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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