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Imperial Chinese Screen Realizes $117,300 At Auction

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Asian_ScreenSelling a Chinese Screen? This Imperial Chinese screen hit the auction block with fervor selling for $117,300! A 2 panel red lacquered Imperial Chinese screen sold to an unnamed phone bidder in Manor Auctions September 25th Asian Antiques & Decorative Arts specialty auction.

One never knows what lies beneath the bed, in the closet or buried in the attic. This statement could not ring more true for an Imperial Chinese screen discovered under the bed of a Tallahassee Florida home. The consignor, a local Tallahassee resident, had absolutely no clue as to the value he had slept above for the past 20 years. In fact, he cannot even recall exactly where he bought the screen – except to believe it was purchased in a lot of screens from a NY auction house years back. In which case, it would have most likely been overlooked by the world’s prominent Chinese collectors. 

The discovery and marketing of this screen created global fervor in the Chinese collecting community. This screen dates back hundreds of years into Imperial China and possesses a strong collector demand to modern day collectors. “No comparable screen of this quality or rarity has seen the light of day in recent years, so the interest was unbelievably intense from moment this screen hit the market – "we knew it was going to be exciting to sell – but not $117,300 exciting” states Manor's Paul Barattini. Mr. Barattini went on to explain how the sale of this screen reinforces the importance of professional research and auction services when people have potential valuables they are uncertain about. The battle to own the screen waged on for over 5 minutes between floor, Internet and phone bidders, with an unnamed phone bidder finally winning out.

This Imperial Chinese screen most likely made its way to the states by way of Britain. When the British Expeditionary Force of 1901 was sent to lift the siege of the British Legation in Beijing and quell the Boxer Rebellion, it is known that they entered the Forbidden City and the Summer Palace. Many of the original artifacts and decorations were taken back to Britain and a good many of those found their way to the States.

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